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The market role of the promotion of the students stationery

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-11-09


         Stationery sales promotion is common for stationery enterprises,promotional activities can improve the sales of stationery,it is a common method of marketing activities.So, for stationery shops,what effect does the romotional activities have?



         One, speed up to list the new stationery products


         Consumption usually have psychological resistance for the new stationery, because the costs of the new users of the new product is the double of the old ones, but the willingness must be not strong in the early and not reliable.Sales promotion can help achieve this desire, that is why after the pulling of the promotion, it can quickly improve sales of the new stationery.


          Two, break the off-season sales, clean up the stationery inventory


          Every industry has a special points, no matter for enterprise or marketing personnel,it is a test of whether it can withstand the baptism of the off-season, directly determines the harvest of the year.In addition to the two new terms, when facing the off-season, promotional activities become a effective tool.Promotion is a kind of competition, it can change the use habit and brand loyalty of consumers, dealers and consumers can have large number of replenish and purchase when there is a promotions, it will promote sales at the moment.Promotions to boost sales in the off-season,and also can help to reduce the inventory at the same time.


         Three, to drive the sales of other related products


         After completing the sales promotion of products, to drive sales of other products is also the main role of sales promotion.Just like online sales,usually there are just one or two stationery products in promotion, but also can successfully attract the attention of consumers for other products.


         Four, effectively against competitors


         Whether the companies drive a market aggression, or the first-mover launched the invasion of the market, sales promotion is effective methods of application.To resist a competitor's attack and reach the purpose of resisting competitors, do active promotion is a choice.


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