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Stationery brand marketing:new product promotion should draw support from the Internet

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-02-26

Each enterpreise will make the large-scale promotion for the new production in many stationery brand marketing.The most common promotion including the news reports or or half version of the whole project report such as magazine ads or newspaper ads,and the promotion brochures for termianal stores.And it is worth noting that there are some stationery enterprise also attach great importance to the Internet promotion.

It is because of the Internet communication and promotion has entered into the stationery industry competition,we can find that the new products promotion is getting better and better.And it is better follow four aspects:

One,offer a new effective way for the new stationery promotion.The distribution channels and consumers can know the new product faster,the whole process will be shorten including in the new product come out,into market,for the sales channel and the finally sales in the market.

Two,save the marketing cost.There is forecast the new product promotion will cost ten thousands yuan at least.The general spend are in the display of the print ads, stationery wholesale market and terminal market.And the network advertising can save a lot of money and get the effect.

Three,the value and advantage of the new product can be more fully display and known by more people.Generally speaking,there are the core selling point and the auxiliary selling point of the new production.It is no enough to showing the such selling point in the terminal display,print media or the reports.It can be showing in the Internet news,BBS,blog,micre blog and so on.To fully display the selling point and the value of the new stationery.And improve the effect of promotion.

Four,the new product information will be leave in Internet by long time.When the consumer online sercha or browse the relevant information,they can see the before promotion content.It will keep the influential of the promotion for long time and realize the information transmission.

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