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We Must Clearly Find Out The True Needs of The Consumers When Selling Stationery

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-03-18

       Different consumers have different needs, no matter to the stationery manufacturers or the stationery dealers, only correctly find out the needs of the consumers , we can produce and recommend the best stationery products to them. As all we know , the directest need is using. They probably use  in the office , or in the classroom .Maybe they need to use it as gift stationery, educational stationery , or need a fashional and personalized stationery .


        It is quite important to know the consumers needs when managing the stationery shops .If  they want to buy a high-level office stationery as a gift , think about you are trying to recommend the affordable stationery and the stationery at discount price , it must be the opposite of their wish.So it is very important to make sure what they really need when facing the consumers ,and we can get to know it by observing,listening and asking .We can guess the level of his need when observing his age ,gender,clothing,temperament and conversation and so on ! And listening is the way to let the consumer himself to talk about  what kind of staionery product he really want .While asking is a way which needs the technique the most ,especially when asking the price ,it is a question that is sensitive and easily make consumer hurt , therefor ,we should first know about the price range which the consumers can accept , then recommend the stationery to them in a homologous price ,only in this way ,we can do it with strong pointedness and increase the odds of a purchase.


         For stationery of small and medium-sized enterprises, it is the most important point to figure out the customer's needs when developing  the market .The  requires of the original stationery production is very simple, but with the development of the era, the production of stationery is becoming more and more complex. Along with the social productivity level, and the continuous improvement of customers  income level, consumer demand level have a further sublimation, so the product and services can no longer meet the needs of the people .From society in general, the customer need a more personalized and humanized consumption to achieve themselves .Increased as a result, the demand of customers is reaching to the  level of  "self-realization".This makes the customer have a  higher  requirement  of stationery products, this is the reason why there are so much products with different shapes ,and more and more personalized stationery ,technical stationery and environmental protection stationery appear in stationery market.

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