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How to do skillfully in marketing with the theme of World Cup

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-06-14


          The World Cup is coming!This quadrennial festival will undoubtedly become the best marketing gimmick to many businessmen ,they desire to have a  "free ride" of  the World Cup, and successively introduced a marketing campaigns which fit for the theme of World Cup.Though the peripheral products in football industry are mainly in terms of shoes and clothes, but the real estate, dealer of car, drinks etc , can combined with the  theme of World Cup to do their business.Why?Some analysts pointed out that the large-scale sports event are no longer a sports event, but a marketing platform that construct the global brand .Once it is associated with the World Cup,it means that they could obtain the superior communication effect.So the World Cup is a feast for the football fans all over the world, is also an opportunity for us to promote our brand.



           In fact, the World Cup marketing, sports marketing is a hot spot in the final , so whether you like it or not, you cannot stop the "invasion" of the World Cup, believe that many consumers can feel its "charm".At the same time, it is also help businesses increase the popularity, increase participation, and boost product sales.Compared to some large investment,Stationery products has less relevance with the World Cup, but it can be an appeal to consumers, especially the good opportunity of the football fans.So how to do skillfully in marketing with the theme of  World Cup for stationery enterprises?


          For businessmen, take the opportunity to launch cultural goods that related to the World Cup is a very common method to make the fans like it , especially with their favourite team or star,it is praised by the fans.In addition, to predict the World Cup is an essential part of each fan of homework.We can use platform of microblog, wechat to let the consumer to participate in activities, if you guess right,you can prizes accordingly by the merchants.Through these activity of quizzes,it can make consumers to enjoy the discount  and also draw the attention of some fans.However, it is important to note that if there is no actual feedback, it is very difficult to let the consumer pay attention to such marketing efforts.So stationery manufacturer or stationery electrical manufacturers should grasp the good marketing method.


          No matter it is  "traditional" or to "increase exposure", by participating in hot sale, and with the aid of an opportunity, stationery enterprises can build their own brands.In the form of marketing strategy, to strengthen the internationalization of brand, tries to build up more online, terminals, mobile platform, and expand the marketing to Europe, Brazil and other places.After all, sports marketing is different from the traditional type of transmission, finally  the corporate image and brand core can more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, it is also the World Cup's charm.


         Lepusheng stationery thinks, the World Cup can not only reduce the distance between developers and fans,but also can enhance the understanding of the project and the market, through the active innovative marketing we can stimulate the popularity soared.And for stationery brand,by the momentum of World Cup ,the marketing can effectively attract consumer attention, but the enterprise also should focus on raising the quality of the products and services, after all ,public praise is the most important thing.


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