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Not Easy For The Development of Office Stationery Export ,While Sale in Domestic Market Is The Same

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-03-25


         Although China is the power of stationery exporting, most of the stationery enterprises are all OEM, no brand, no added value, and already appeared for a long time in the world.So the profits of   products  is very low, in recent years, due to the appreciation of RMB exchange rate and costs of  raw materials, labor and safety standards for testing rise, make the space of enterprise profit squeezed, medium and small business owners feel anxious.


        For a long time, stationery Industry in our country is dependent on exports too much , but exports are also facing a series problems ,such as the appreciation of the RMB, frequent trade friction and  difficult to raise the  price in a high costs. Such  problems lead to the industry as a whole get a  low profits .However, the rapidly rise of the domestic market has started to become a new growth point of stationery industry.To expand domestic demand market looks good,but  in fact it is not easy.  OEM for foreign trade is unprofitable,so as the  sales  in domestic market , stationery manufacturers are facing the development bottleneck.


        Stationery exports are obvious, while the domestic market  is not easy ,too.A lot of stationery manufacturers choose to open up the domestic market after failed in foreign trade .In fact, this is for the wise, but it does not mean that domestic market will be more profit than the export market.After all, the domestic market needs certain brand accumulation and grasp certain channels.In the wake of the financial crisis,stationery industry map will happen major changes,Chinese stationery industry must have  innovation and  get domestic and foreign trade done simultaneously.


        The  innovation of stationery industry in China is mainly three aspects:Firstly, innovation of products' research and development , the structure, the design should have a new stage;Secondly, innovation of marketing , thoroughly change the traditional pattern of stall;Thirdly, is the innovation of management .For the aspect  of domestic and foreign trade do simultaneously,they should solve the problems of saling channels, logistics and distribution, fund collection, production scheduling, after-sale service and other aspects of the problem, understand the main channel and development trend of domestic stationery, leading the profound revolution of the chain of China stationery industry , to explore a new mode of rapid development for China stationery distributors .

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