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How Much Do You Know About The 818 Stationery?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-03-19

       As an indispensable "friend" of our study and work , office stationery have so much gossip.And now  Lepusheng  Stationery will show you some thing about the tidbit of stationery from the internet .So cute of a stationery , how much do you know about it ?



       1、 If you accidentally stab yourself when using a pencil , you will not get lead poisoning, because it do not contain lead, and which inside is clay and graphite. Of course, if you stab to others, you may be the defendant to court because of intentional injury.


       2、 Here is a watergate jokes show to those like to look back on the history and gossip: GeDengLin di wrote  in his autobiography with this kind of description , when he came to his office, he saw a  sharpening  pencil  on John dean's table, his mind quickly had a flash of thought, it must be used for killing him .(in the watergate, dean is a traitor to Yu Lindi, )

       3、Graphite,is a carbon crystal  which found in British coase ,16 century . Chemists  A.G.Werner named it  in the 18th century, it comes from the Greek word graphein, means action of writing .


       4,While pencil, is coming from the Latin of penicillus, though it is not so relevant, penicillus means small tail.


       5, When writing with a pencil , is basically show on the paper fiber with the. The detritus is about   1/1000 of an inch.


       6, It is said that  a pen can draw a line of 35 miles in length, or write 45000 words (es) on average .Did any person test for it ?Historical records show that no.Comrades!This is the first opportunity in the world!


       7, As early as in the first century AD, the Greek poet Philipof Thessaloniki used  lead writing tools for writing.The financial products is the contemporary pencil,and this is recorded in 1565 by Swiss naturalist Conrad Gus's  (when he is died that year)


       8, French are the regeneration parents of  pencils , (yes,if  there is no French, maybe we will use brush pen all over the world ): in 1795, Nicolas - Jacques Conte invented the technology of clay graphite composite .In 1828, Bernard Lassimone invented the pencil sharpeners .In 1847, Therrydes Estwaux invented the mechanical pencil sharpener.


       9, The Frenchman also make  caoutchouc (a glue of a plant, it is said caucho and Tupi in Spanish  as the rubber, so they don't have to wipe the wrong word with acrumb.


      10, Basically, pencil which are sold in the United States must  have a rubber on the head of it , while pencils sold in European  are not. (Did the Europeans write less error ?


      11.Correction fluid was founded in 1951 by the United States secretary - Betty Naismith Graham  ,she was also the mother of Michael Nesmith who is the member of  The Monkees .


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