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Complete manufacturing process is the basis to sales stationery products

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-03-19

Many stationery stores used to put the "brand" and "marketing" in the key of all.And ignore the survival "proudct" of enterprise.But as we known,quality product is the production foundation,marketing like the building on the sand.The core competitiveness of the future stationery industry is not depand the stunt and hype.It is the real factory production and manufacturing.

Produts is the foundation of marketing.It is the marketing knowledge be known by anyone.But there are some brand stationery enterprise has already changed in the daily operations.And there are so many reasons for the rising costs,the limited technical,or to suit to the policy support  for sales.Anyways,it is to refuse the proudct innovation and improvement.To sales indead of marketing.
In face,it is make the stationery product on the subordinate position.Under the such state,the product  has ingnored.As a result,all kinds of promotion and discound make out the survive space.And the enterprise also make different marketing without the any foundation.But result in the difficult to give the actual effect and breakthrough.

The top priority of stationery enterprise is to make the product as the real marketing foundation.To make the resource concentrate in the stationery production or the complete product innovation.Under the premise of  seek the target customer.It is not noly to increase the new products,On the contrary, focussing is the more important thinks.It is the premise process of the products in the integration, innovation and the dynamic consolidatio.Stationery enterprise should make it as a opportunity to develop the innovation and the creative for products.Keep the input of reasource and make it become the core competition in the future development.

In addition, we must wake up from the pursuit of scales,it is the trap formed by a number of unknown factors under the situation of unknow target adience and product.It always make the not enough funds weaker.And under the such high-risk debit and credit sides, it is very deadly.

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