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Popular stationery developing in Internation can't be ignored

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-04-21

From the stationery market development and the market sales competition view,although there is a complete marketing system in the popular stationery sales,with the growing of science and technology.Traditional sales also will be faced the new text.

Traditional channel is still the first choice

Traditional sales channels is the the most effective and direct in the stationery enterprises and dealers.It also the first choice in to promote they brand and expand the sales for the stationery business.

One,it is business environment make the products and services can be see,touch and feel.

Two,it can take advantage of close to consumers to pomote the sales marketing through the sales staff.And play the role of interpersonal communication,take the one-on-one marketing.

Three,The entity shop,it could reassure the consumers.It is real exist and it also the guarantee of enterprises' reputation.

Four, stationery distribution agency model can use more resources, such as dealer's local social resources, capital and so on.It can quickly realize the brand localization, and attract mora and more social resources for the factory's brand construction.

The potential of network marketing can't be ignored.

Even so,the traditional marketing channel still like the incurable disease for the stationery manufacturer.There are much problems make the stationery manufacturer feels headache such as stationery factory can't control the dealers,locking supervise in the terminal market,dealers change the brand,weak in the market promotion and the are not smooth in channel.

The problems of traditional marketing just to give the growth room for the new sales model.So that  there are the  network marketing, group marketing and direct marketing and so on. Network marketing are more suitable to the sales product and has the reat development potential.

The insider thinks that with the increasing of the Internet users,the coverage of the Internet are getting biger and biger.And most of online consumer are the young peopler.After a few years,they will become the strongest purchasing power of the crowd. So that the network marketing can't be ignored.It is a piece of cake in the future office supplies market.

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