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Long-term planning of stationery export enterprise during market competition

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-07-12

10 years ago, "E-commerce" just the words in dictionery.10 years later,there are the broad power in the "E-commerce" ,it is driving the development of the enterprise and society,
For domestic stationery manufacturing enterprises, especially the exporting stationery companies,they can do the OEM production or independent creat the emerging market.But to establish E-commerce seem very far away.Although today in 2013,part of stationery manufacturers still not plan to do it.

As computers and the Internet into homes, E-commerce running to the mature.It is a opportunity and challenge for stationery industry.After do well in the technology,it should to to do the online shopping.The popularity of the Internet makes some popler bagan to notice the charm of the Internet.So that,the people who do early are get the first ucket of gold according to expectation
According to understand,the current stationery market are not reduce the fierce competition.On the contrary, as the the category of refining,the competition is going more and more heated.So that,to improve the technology and added value of the exporting stationery is necessary.

The replacement cycle of new stationery supplies is very short,there are be diverse and novel in the new stationery.For the exporting stationery enterprise,it is necessary to pat more attention to the renew independent innovation of development philosophy instead of the old model.

In 2012,the deepest feeling of stationery is the threshold limit is getting bigger and bigger.Not matter for European Union, the United States or sme emerging market.The safety standards of stationery is tougher than ever.

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