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Three major methods to move inventory

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-12-19

By the influence from export supply and the weak in the domestic market,some of stationery brand have sales in falling than caused the high inventory.Under the high inventory pressure,stationery enterprises have make the price discount or the free gift promotional.Facing the serious inventory,how to deal with the inventory stationery become the big problem for the stationery enterprise.


Under the weakness domestic stationery consumption market and the declining in the import trade.It became difficult to move inventory for the stationery manufacturers.However,there are so many population in China that to consume.Depand on the population than solve the inventory problem and make the enterprise capital return.


Appropriate promotional


Price is the important factor for the consumer.Chinese residents is not a lack of willingness to consume.But the high value hindered the consumption.So that the promotion or discount sales are the effective way  for move inventory.It is in the busy season,the reasonable stationery promotion or the discount sales can be help to move inventory fast.


Stationery wholesale attract more notice in the low price


Stationery wholesale is considered to be low-end consumption.As a Chinese traditional channels.There are the broad market for the stationery wholesale.The stationery product with brand always has the superior qualiy and the brand appeal.The lower price has more advantage than the common wholesale stationery.So the wholesale is the effective way to move the inventory.In recent years, there are many enterprises turn to do brand channel from did wholesale before.And now come back to the wholesale,to move the inventory is considered top priority.


Depends on network to move invetory


It is a very effective ways to move invetory in the network.In the Double thenth day(Chinese shopping festival ),most of brand has break through ten million in sale of  this days.There are a best way to move the consumer in the E-commence.Coopere with vairous kind of e-commerce website is a effective ways to move invetory.


The data show that China stationeyr indusgry going to face the serious inventory problem for long time.Due to the lack of fund,the stationery enterprises to move inverntory then keek the funds return and the normal operation is the urgent needs.


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