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New Development of Stationery Industry : Innovation And Courage Move Forward Together

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-03-31


        With the development of Chinese traditional manufacturing industry, in order to get more development opportunities, the innovation of the enterprise is particularly important.Stationery industry  needs strengthening brand awareness when seeking new development  , also need to constantly upgrade, and need more specifical  products.For stationery industry,  which aspects are needed ?
        First, improve the grade of products


       China is a manufacturing power, but also a cheap copy superpower.Any best selling goods, just overnight, there will be many cheap copy products appear.Especially in the stationery industry.Production export enterprises should increase investment in technology, speed up product upgrading, and strive to improve product quality and added value.Especially in recent years, competition in the stationery market let many stationery manufacturers produce products which  consumers are demanding , all the research and development and production are closely around the demand of the market.Market information affects the future development of the enterprise to a certain extent.


        Second, the strengthened enterprise brand awareness


       Strengthening awareness of  brand  is not only cater to today's market requirements, more can effectively improve the competitiveness of enterprise in stationery market.Enterprises need to adhere to  the development of innovation ,then take  the perspective into the structure level, always keep a clear mind,  comprehensively understanding the new situation of  the development , keenly analyze the market demand, technological innovation, strive to reverse the backward and passive situation of stationery's capacity for independent innovation.


        Third, give full play to the cooperation with associations and government


        If want to develop well, single-handedly by yourself  is no longer possible, unity cooperation is the way out under the new situation. Stationery market at present day,competition between enterprises will make them be drawn into a vicious cycle, in order to the survival , most manufacturers will use various methods to stand out, whether it is justified or not justified.Fortunately, the developing of the industry, stationery association has been developed.Enterprises association or government departments to strengthen management and guidance, neat the formation of malicious plagiarism , and increase to support for innovative enterprises and protection.


        Fourth, establish standard operation procedure


        Stationery industry is a typical labor-intensive industry, the proportion of pure manual operation is big  ,stationery enterprises need to strengthen internal management, should attach great importance to the research of the enterprise in  long-term development planning.Establish a standard operating procedure will be the best mean of standardizing enterprise management .Standard work is  the effective ways to improve the production efficiency and control the cost .Cost management is an important part of enterprise economic management, it is closely related to the external economic environment.Under the market economy environment, costs are the key factors that affect corporate's profits (profit = income - cost), continuously reduce the cost and increase the value of the enterprise is an eternal subject of enterprise management.


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