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The growth of orders from Euro-American and Chinese stationery export

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-11-30

Collected the data from the information of 21st East China Import and Export Commodity Fair ,it shows that stationery orders demand from Euro-American market are increased significantly .
Respondents generally says there are considerable growth for export order from Euro-American market.Some of them turn back  to Euro-American market from emerging markets.


In fact,The Chinese export has recovered since last year. It is over the market expecting in January this year.Rufang,Cheng,the head of trading regiment of Zhejiang Province says the export of Zhejiang was hit an all-time high in January this year at symposium of East China Trade Trend.


Experts point out that the export strongly growth is caused by the abroad recovery than expected and successful transformation of enterprise ,in addition to the delivery before  Spring Festival . There are three factors.First, enterprise bargaining ability is improved and export value is increased. Second, enterprise take "DaoBi mechanism" into consideration.Third,some representatives of delegations express that they would put the exporting base to concern, speed up the the industry agglomeration and promote the foreign trade transformation to a higher grade.


The newest data from Euro-American shows better econmic situation. This is for the improvement of the larger confidence Europe purchasers based.The PMI of manufacturing sector increased  from 57.3 to 59.0 in February ,Showing highest level for nearly 11 years. A apart of second-line  eurozone economies also appeared rapid growth.Boc international chief economist CaoYuanZheng points out that China ‘s exports will withstand and growth will decline, but due to the world economic recovery is very quick, export scale will still expand.Therefore,export  turnover of stationery industry will increase while the overall market is changing. 


"The economic of westem developed countries have recovered since this year"said Ming Lu, the economics professors of Fudan University .View of all the indicators,the economic indicators will recovery as well as before.In " East China nine provinces and municipalities to foreign trade situation forum",zhongshan vice minister of commerces said the trading disadvantage of export including the current international situation  and the international competition. Enterprises are facing increasingly intense raw materials, labor, exchange rates, environmental protection, such as the rising cost of capital.Although be multiple factors affect export prices, the export of China in international competitive advantage in the short term won't change, in the long run, "made in China" stationery products are still veryattractive to American and European consumers.


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