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Stunt marketing of office supplies should be appropriate

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-06-17


        There are many stationery enterprises will have a planning according to the newest topic of the networkw when doing the promotion and activity at present.There are stunt, marketing events with lasting appeal and AD which allow activities of stationery business be widely known  in the shortest time.With the increasing intense competition in the market,there are more and more competition among them.In order to attract the attention of consumers, the major merchants work hard, "rebate draw" "0 yuan to buy" all these kinds of promotional gimmicks make consumer dazzled.At the same time when the Merchants of  office supplies which addicted to it, there are various problems also emerging.


           In fact, in stationery industry ,due to the broad consumer outlook,the  competition among the stationery stores must be more and more fierce, and in order to attract consumer's mind,there will be more and more advertisements appear fairy in the future.So what are the Ads so popular,may be due to the psychological of novelty. No matter which industry is, the first step of sales to success, is to cause the attention of consumers, as much as possible to attract the attention of consumers.If you're not original, advertising is not creative, even not enough "thriller", so how can you arouse the curiosity of consumers, let's  find it out?


            It is the same in the stationery industry, too, the so-called stunt advertising is the same as it , with creative, novel, or even unheard element to attract consumers and deepen the impression of brand slogan into consumers' brain, so that it can enhance the brand awareness, and also improve the sales .But it is notable that though the stunt advertising can attract consumers' attention,stationery enterprises should grasp a "degree", advertising must be creative wihile it can not conflict with traditional culture and morality,and also can't cause consumers' resentment.


           Stunt is stunt, rather than the core competitiveness, those consumers just rely on gimmicks can leave quickly under the stimulus of other stunts.Especially in the growing prosperity of the Internet age,when the gimmick become the essence of the service then this service is probably not far from the death.


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