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Concept of parents influence the consumption of stationery

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-08-26


            Every time when there is a new semester, then it is the peak season of the stationery market.Many students will buy their "equipment" before the new semester begins, many supermarkets have also started learning activities, all with the banner of "hot selling school stationery", and there are more and more patterns for the students stationery.With the improvement of living standards,spending on stationery products increase gradually.Facing the various types of stationery in the market,we can see that parents' concept can directly affect the sales of stationery products.



           High-tech products is surely worth a try


           For some parents who are on good living standards and like to try new, they will be loved the stationery products that have a certain "technical content".Produced stationery, quality improvement stationery, environmental protection stationery,and even the new stationery with modelling breakthrough, all these are worthwhile for them.Product modelling is novel, on the one hand, students prefer them very much, on the other hand, development of the stationery industry is becoming more and more integrated into consumers' demand, such as arises at the historic moment of educational stationery, stationery of intelligence:the puzzled board on the market, pencil case, pencil sharpener, etc.,All these appearance of the stationery can promote students' learning fun.


           Stationery should be practical


           Of course, there are some of the parents said practicability is the most important.They will think more about the practicability of stationery products, at the same time, they also have high requirements on the quality of the product.They generally believe that fancy stationery will affect children in the class, especially some  students stationery that shaped like a toy.An ordinary notebook, pen can meet the basic use of students.


            In fact, no matter which point of view,they are all worthy reference for stationery business information.In addition to the novel stationery products, unusual and practical office stationery also should be purchased,to meet all kinds of consumers' demand.Especially in learning period,we should seize the consumers eyeball,it is very important to consider their preferences.


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