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Good use of glue tape in correction tape style

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2015-01-16


          Double sided glue tape in correction tape style has the same effect with the double side tape in our daily study and life,it can paste for paper and cardboard,etc.Commonly used in sealed envelopes, encapsulated book of tender, student manual, mounting, etc.



          Compared with traditional double-sided tape, scroll type double sided tape is a combination of the design of the correction tape and glue, just like a correction tape when using, as long as gently stroke, then big gear will drive pinion rotating, turn the layer above the waste paper onto the pinion,then double-sided adhesive is stick on the place you want to stick.Because it is easy to use, double-sided glue tape have good reputation in the market.It also makes the scroll type double-sided tape become more and more mature.


           The same as all the new stationery,as long as it is new stationery products,then there will be more and more manufacturers begin to compete on this "cake", if they want to stand out of them, stationery enterprises only enhance there own stationery manufacturing level, and get more creative design into the stationery products, and improve the product quality standards,so that can occupy the great weight of the cake.


             The appearance the scroll type double side glue tape is the inevitable developing trend of stationery.Believe in the development of the future, there will be more such stationery products, the creation of the new product gathers many people's wisdom, also should be the main direction for the future development of stationery, just compete for the price has no long-term interest.


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