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Marketing planning is the key to the development of small and medium enterprises

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-06-25


       In this era of information explosion and absence of honesty ,small and medium stationery enterprises have more difficulties on developing business, although it is not difficult to collect the customer's information now, but it is not easy to let customers trust you.Office workers must have experience, if the product of the telemarketing is unattractive, will you just say bye to it directly.Similarly, now many salesman call their customers, while the customers don't answer it,or no reply information.When visiting customers, they are always absent ,and never look at the data the transfer to them and so on,so how to carry out the work of salesman ?In a word ,stationery enterprises should rely on marketing planning then the sales will become more and more  easier.



         As the change of consumption idea, more and more customers will know what they really want .If companies don't have a clear positioning, then the customer will not pay attention to you, so the planning of  positioning is to find the market differentiation, especially for small and medium stationery enterprises, can not compete with the big companies in large aspect ,so only differentiation can impress the customer.in the serious homogeneity of product in the stationery market today,if the stationery that stationery manufacturers made is the same with others, then you can't gain a competitive edge, and the purpose of marketing planning is emphasizing that your products is different from other manufacturers, although they are not the best, but it must be the most suitable for the customer.


          Small business's success lies in the focus, and focus is positioning, positioning includs enterprise positioning, product positioning, market positioning, regional location ,orientation of channel and customers positioning, because only the orientation can save resources, only positioning, can improve the hit rate.For small and medium-sized stationery enterprises, the key to the success is to find something, positioning and focusing, rather than "rob shooting".Because small businesses often do not have so many bullets, so marketing planning of small business is save their bullets.The consumers' concept change from original material needs into spiritual requirements, and customers just want the things that  no one else has .So small and medium-sized stationery enterprise should produce and create the products that no one else has .Especially in the era of e-commerce, there are many effective and different competitions for the small businesses.


          From the stationery competition In recent years, we can see that the needs of customers is changed from material needs to spiritual needs ,especially on the modelling changeable students stationery.The characteristics of the spiritual demand is the pursuit of human nature , individuation and differentiation, only realize this idea, the small and middle sized stationery enterprises can occupy a space in  the stationery market.


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