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Stationery design to improve the quality of products

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-01-04


There is no denying that China is on an era of consumption upgrade.There are the higher requirement in the products quality and service.And there are not the obvious demand in the proudcts design.But in recent five years.the requirment of products design and concept of design are be more and more important.
There are three elements to attract buyer in stationery design including appearance design,functional features,science and technology contect.Most of stationery manufacturers only do more effort on product, on the one hand,it is save the cost and on the other hand,it can combine the present popular elements and to meet the demand of the consumers in appearance.Lepusheng thinks that the best stationery design are the products which have the brand's uniqueness and identification once it without the logo.So that Lepusheng has been through such concept in the production and design in the correction tape and correction fluid.
Good products is not only good in appearance but also in the technique and technology.So that meet the basic function of stationery is the main word for a lot of stationery manufacturer.Especially at present,the environmental protection elecment is more and more popular in consumer grounp.Use the environment metal in stationery production can meet the demnd of demand of product.
It could not gain more profits in the homogeneity office stationery market .As well as in the low pirce commpetition market.Stationery manufacturer should to improve the product value if they want break through.We can not do the low price business but also sell out on the high price.
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