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2014 China Daily Commodities Fair

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"Exhibition Information"


Exhibition name:              2014 China Daily Commodities Fair (first in Wuhan)


Show time:                       00:00(2014-11-6) to 0:00:00(2014-11-8)


Exhibition venues:           Wuhan international exhibition center


The exhibition organizer: Read China (Beijing) co., LTD


Organizer:                        Read China (Beijing) co., LTD


Co-sponsors:                  Read China (Beijing) co., LTD




         2014 China Daily Commodities Fair in  Wuhan (hereinafter referred to as "wuhan department") is a nice another masterpiece of China since 108 the China general merchandise trade fair and modern household goods expo (Shanghai), .Wuhan department store exhibition based on hubei, henan, hunan, jiangxi, sichuan, chongqing and other provinces and cities, become the perfect platform for domestic household goods manufacturers and suppliers to develop the central China and the surrounding market.


         Read China (Beijing) co., LTD is a member of Reed expo group greater China, the exhibition brand is known as "China's no.1 domestic trade fair of China Daily commodities trade fairs and Chinese modern household goods exposition.Aims to build a world-class trade event, and to establish a comprehensive procurement platform, promote industry growth and market development.Through the powerful resource integration, to affect the household products and general industry.


         China association of department store business is approved by the ministry of civil affairs,under the guidance of the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission and the ministry of commerce which with independent corporative qualifications of social group.Association by engaged in daily provisions of consumer goods circulation, production, service, scientific, cultural and educational activities of various forms of ownership and various forms of enterprises and institutions, syndication, and individual voluntary.It is the national general merchandise industry, non-profit social organization.


          Wuhan international exhibition center is located in hanyang four new city axis online,between the three loop and the old town of hanyang, is a collection of exhibition, conference, hotels, and business, culture, leisure, tourism,it is one of the multi-functional compound of green ecological city of international expo.The project total investment is about 50 billion yuan, the total land area of 6253 mu.The exhibition core pavilion has been finished, the pavilion indoor exhibition area is 150000 square meters, outside is 40000 square meters.It can undertake international and domestic large-scale exhibitions, conferences and activities, is the largest architectural complex in China, is the comprehensive construction area of second domestic exhibition complex.


"The exhibition scope"


           Ceramic products, glass products, household plastic products, wood products, glass pots, kitchen utensils and appliances/cooker/tools/cutlery, weighing apparatus/gauge, household hardware, cleaning supplies, bathroom supplies, storage/receive, small household electrical appliances, home act the role ofing/crafts/furnishing articles, leisure/outdoor/garden.


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