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What should stationery shop do during the off-season?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2015-01-08


        In the process of sales, there always be the peak season and off-season, to some extent, the market will have cold period, this kind of phenomenon is very normal,and how to deal with this kind of situation is the best time to super catch other stationery shop.So,this can test the management wisdom of the shop owner to distinguish the cool the plight from the other shop.It is a good time to have a good rest during this time, so what something specific should we can do?


          Internal rectification, refresh the shop


          In general,stationery enterprises will prepare in various aspects such as product, the mechanism, training, human and so on in the off-season,it can not only improve the sales performance of enterprises in the off-season and product visibility,but also can to lay a solid foundation for the coming season, and have a opportunity in the future competition.It is the same for stationery shop,we can improve the deficiency during the off-season, such as small decorate afresh, let the facade image to be more brand-new,so that will let the customers cannot help to get near the fresh stationery shop.Fashion is the first step to attract customers into the store, after the baptism of time,consumers will not feel refreshing for the shop,while in the off-season,we can have a new decoration for the store,so that can increase customer's purchase desire, then attract more people into the store.


          Seize the moment, launching products


          In addition to the new decoration of the stores, new products always can cause consumer interest, we can appropriate to launch new stationery products in the off-season so that can improve the popularity and attention.If we can make up the blank for the off-season market to launch new goods then it is more likely to bring unlimited business opportunities.It is the fact that the the sales in the off-season can not compare with the peak season, so when launching new products and have promotions we should consider the profit and loss balance, after all,the effect that can achieve in the off-season is far lower than the peak season with the same promotional costs, as far as possible avoid loss-leader situation.


           Organize resources, win customers


           Organize customer data,formulate preferential policies to long-term purchase customers, in order to improve customer loyalty.For any stationery shop, accumulate "repeat customers" is always not easy, and let the "repeat customers" keep fresh is not easy,too. So during the off-season,we can do more investigation in this management.In order to serve customers better.


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