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Lepusheng 9980 fashionable and creative correction tape with LED light

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          I like to be alone and get away off the noise world, just a book, a lamp, and a soft song which are the best company of the day.



         It is just like your best friend, and always feel free and relaxed to walk around in your room, so that will let your leisure time filled with fresh breath just like going out for a holiday.



          It is just like your mentor, it can shine you silently when you are reading and studying.It can motivates you to correct your mistakes and give you a constant light.



         Also it is a fashionable bag, quietly waiting for you to give its mission, see,the mask on one sied of the "bag" is a lamp holder, it is used of LED energy that can save energy and shield your eyes.The gentle beam is stability and not dazzling.There are  two complimentary button battery with 1.5 v also let it stay with you longer.



          The correction tape and the LED light in defferent sides,you can feel the strong power of the correction and the special charm of the LED light at the same time.There is a small button switch in the centre,easy for you to open and turn it off!



          The exquisite and small hose is connection of the lamp and correction tape,you can not only adjust the angle of the light,but also can bring it to walk everywhere.When travelling at night, it will be like the brightest stars in the night sky, to dispel the dark around you.



          Lepusheng 9980 correction tape with LED light is filled with our sincere love for you,and will accompany you every step in the future.


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