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Lepusheng show you the four categories of tend on stationery development

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-12-25


          With the development of stationery industry in China,stationery industry become mature,when spreding the scale at the same time,the technical level also has a lot of improvement.But compared with Europe and the United States, Japan and other countries, the technology of manufacturing, design, product development, etc, also has certain gap.But from the stationery development trend in recent years, we can see the stationery development has a overall improvement, mainly on the four major categories of stationery development trend:




          Multi-functional learning stationery


          Different from the development of single function stationery in the past, in recent years, in order to attract consumer attention.Design of stationery products is become more high-end, in the office supplies, the most "function" is the "combination of stationery and electronics".They break tradition,and make the stationery image become free, flexible, changeable.Now the combination of stationery,in addition to more functions,they still can save space, so that we can enjoy funny of the stationery but also the convenient and practical function at the same time.


          Students stationery is more concise and practical


          The theme of concise and easy is timeless,and  also on the design of stationery products.Relatively speeking, simple design is favored by the Asian countries than that in Asian countries,so it can be seen that exports stationery is more simple than the domestic stationery.However, with the development of the industry, the interests of domestic customers in stationery product design is changing gradually, they have seen all kinds of fancy stationery,then the concise and practical stationery are quickly capture the customer's heart.


          Office stationery become high-end


          Compared to the previous practicability, nwo the stationery also pay attention to be simple, it comes from part of the collectors of stationery.Since the ancient times, cultural goods can be gifts,and those valuable cultural goods is favored by collectors.No matter as a gift or collection, they are all valuable, high-grade stationery, so office stationery also gradually change towards "high-end" stationery.


           The creative stationery change towards toy


           See from the stationery market,it is not hard to find that stationery toy are here and there, visit the market, full of beautiful and personalized stationery in eyes,such as correction tape in small umbrella shape,pens in pill shape, or glue in beer bottle shape.All kinds of stationery seize person eyeball, and especially the children,so this kind of stationery is absolutely popular with the market.


           In addition, according to a recent survey shows that more than sixty percent of consumers like personality and fashionable stationery, and as the improvement of environment protection, green environmental protection and low carbon stationery is influenced by the broad masses of consumers, these have pointed out the development direction for stationery enterprises in the future.And they also supply more challenges and developing requires for stationery suppliers ,has a great push power to the development of industry.


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