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Produce low price but high quality office stationery is not easy

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-01-20

China has become the world's largest stationery products consumer market, there are lots of  the quality of domestic office stationery brand had over the standard of  foreign brand.However,the foreign stationery brand such as Potluck, Park, Kokuyo have the get the almost Chinese high-end stationery market through the larger funds and the high brand awareness. Expcept the reason of history,the lack of the enterprise brand is the mian reasons to cause such situation.

There were many companies said in the interview,"high quality produc but low price"are become their current business philosophy. Some stationery manufacturers to attract the consumers through the sales pomotion as possible.Therefore,the stationery indsustry will appear the price war,even there are some stationery price had lower then the production cost,the brand is not equal to the sales volume.

The most error in the currenct statonery industry is the enterprise is equal to the brand.In fact, the brand can be independent of the factory.It is one of the spirit of enterprise.It may belong to you,may belong to others.Most of enterprises think that the good product,big factory means a big brand.The prefer put into the majority of resources to the  physical instead of the brand marketing.

After study of the international brand and refernence to the current markeing,there are a few trend will appear on the China stationery industry as followes:

One,there will be appear a faw"comprehensive stationery brand" such as Deli,which cover the production of file folder,desktop office supplies and office electroin supplies.

Two,the "professional brand" like Lepusheng stationery,It has been more than 15 yeras in the line of stationery production like correction tape,correction fluid.And LPS staitonery has benn delicated to bring the light and convenient correction experience for customers.

Three,the "personalized stationery brand",it just like the customize production in stationery.It has attracted many large stationery manufacturer to do the appointed stationery products.

Lepusheng stationery thinks that there are a lot of mall and medium-sized enterprise hope use the international standard products,but their stength are no enough to spend in such high-end product.So that they usually seek the  fringe product.Such as to buy the lowest price products,the special discount product in the bigest  brand.Or the high-end product in the medium brand and so on.Therefore,the stationery manufacturer can provide the particular office products to meet those kind of consumer groups.

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