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Stationery exporting enteprie facing the local crisis

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-01-31

Since last years, the exporting trade of the stationery enteprise has been more and more serious as the European debt and the trade protection such as anti-dumping,anti-subsidy and the special protection term.Besides the outside environment,it is not ingnore the domestic factors.With the rising cost of the Chinese population labor,land resources and the RMB exchange rate.Chinese low cost competitive advantage is more less than before.It made most of order lost.

Rising price of raw meterial

Since 2011,the stationery production raw meterial like ink,iron,lead or particles ect. have appared different degre rised.It is the risied by 19.6% that past two years.Even though there is some raw material prices have callback in this years,it still in the high price.The generally rise of the chemical raw meterial make less profit in the downstream stationery enterpries.The rising cost make the stationery menufacturer be more carefull in the capital flow and layout.And the difficult loan of the small and medium-sized also make the stationery exporting enterprise in the trouble.

The rising price of the raw meterial will drive the brand price increase,but it is not enough to cause the rise trend of the stationery price.Besides the rising raw material, the increasing price of labor also the main reason to cause the high price of the stationery production.

Rising labor costs

The rising labor costs is  the important.It is rose by 33% of labour cost in the city in the past few years.And there are some regions rasied the remuneration since this year.Stationery industry is the typical intensive industry,the production can not separate with labor,but the big wage increases make the stationery enterprise losing the previous population.So that the rising labor costs also become one of important problem.

The losting cheep labou also remain the stationery manufacturer that the high cost is coming.The enterprise should transformation and upgrading actively.It is a effective way to reduce the cost through the technological innovation and labor.

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