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Office stationery has been into transformation

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-05-21

In recent years,with the new changes in the economic situation at home and abroad, as the overcapacity in the market and make the more intense competition.It is more hard to manage the enterprise with declining profits.After 20 years of rapid development,the stationery industry structural contradiction will higher and higher after the long=term accumulation.The sationery transformation is urgent needs.

Market has become mature.It is no longer has the market if depand on a business opportunities.The enterprise will reback to the basic contents of business model.Throughout to China stationery situation
and the position in the international industrial chain.To push the transformation is not only to reallize the production with design,brand and marketing,it also looking for the new development model in the stationery history.

As we known,China office stationery are in the bottom of the international stationery.It is play a role to do the OEM manufacturing Due to lack of the design,brand and showsthe low-end level,low technology and low added value.And it make the domestic office stationery brand are in the low level and sell bad at abroad.

OEM production model make China stationery enterprise are pay huge but harvest little.The homogeneity products,low-end prosition in industrial,OEM marketing model has in China office supplies with 20 years of development.Under the heavy pressure in market turmoil,rising costs and the energy conservation and emissions reduction such as "winter".

If some office stationery enterprise by a single mode in production.Then turn to provide the system products and comprehensive service.Change the past model to the diversification and seriation business.Or establish the tertiary industry,or cooperation with the abroad leading stationery brand.No matter the signle brand or not.Under the intense competition,to transfor the business model and increase the profit space and improve the ability of resist risks.

Some enterprise transfor the office supplies model,to expand the two market in same time at home and abroad.To focus do the independent brand.Make full use of two market and two resources.And some office stationery enterprises are become the partners from the competitors.To play their advantage of production line then to expand the market together.

The OEM enterprise transformation are to pushing the independent brands, to increase the price through the brand aware and brand influence,then to expanding the profit.On the other hand,it is to improve the product competition throught the innovation and design.Although it still in OEM production but increase profit.

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