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Mingled hope and fear for stationery enterprises in 2013

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-07-09

In the first half of 2013,there are mingled hop and fear for stationery enterprise.On the one hand,new stationery products are be easy acceptanced by market,whether creative stationey or green environmental protection stationery,there are higher and higher attention from consumers;on the othe hand,the profits of office supplies is contrary to the hot market,it is  in a precipitous decline.What is the development of the stationery manufacturing under such situation?

There is "pain" in the market while the stationery occupy the market quickly."It is better if there are 10% profits in products.Sometimes,in order to compete a projuect stationery manufacturer are willing to do the projuect though only 5% profits."A salers who work for a stationery company said.

According to the introduction,that is the highest peak of the stationery industry in the year of 2006 to 2008.The profits in current market can reached 20%~30%.And most of investors have joined the stationery production at that time.At present,the domestic stationery supplies prouction are surplus,so that price competition is inevitable.

Facing the such situation,stationery manufacturer also began to transformation.But some of them are worry about to do that.Enterprise transformation requiress a lot of money to support the technology research and development.It is not all business transformation will successful,blindly transformation only take to a big risk for stationery factories.

For the small and medium-sized enterprise which in difficult to the financing.Sales channel maybe the key point.Most of stationery enterprise busy with other business,but not planing well in the sales channels and roughly in the direction.

"In fact,there are the broad market in stationery."The insiders told why does the currecnt domestic stationery profits is so low.At present,stationery with low profits just for the normal proudcts.It is understood that many companies just to production with thousands of money.But limited in the technology operation,most of stationery enterprise only can do some normal proudcts.So that this part of market competition will in fiercely contested.

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