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Creative stationery into market to promote stationery development

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-04-26

According to the creative industries project report in Britain,the total value of creative industry is about 112.5 billion pounds and take 5% in GDP.Its contribution to GDP is over any manufacturing.At the same time,creative economy has become the core of the knowledge economy. The stationery industry is play pay to the creation as well as global consumption.With the development of the stationery industry,the creation and uniqueness of the product have already higher then other for consumers.Such a network said that the humans have not prevent the conter attack of stationery creation.

Why does the creation so popular in the stationery industry?In fact,from the development and the utilization of the intellectual property,including the R&D,architectural design, culture and art,consultation planning and fashion consumption and so on.No matter for the creative product,marketing or service.It has formed a huge wave of creative economy.The developing of global consumption also push the development of products.

At present, China new stationery with its funny and fashionable or the cortoon element.and the stationery creation also become one of most rich design elements.The office stationery,student stationery which designed basis on the the Japan and South Korea stationery also selled well in the gift market through the creative changed in the proudcts.It is to expanded the sales market for stationery products.So that creation also the source of stationery products.

The broad market and the stationery potential are made China beame the best place for creative stationery consumption.With the improvement of living standards.Chinese consumption is no longer stay in the basic material of human rights.They enjoyed the pursuit of aesthetic.Besides to meet the consumer's demand.The various kinds of creative stationery also improving the competitiveness of China stationery industry.

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