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Lepusheng reading the new trend of office stationery:personality and environmental protection

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-01-09

According to the latest market planning of the survey, the office stationery market is rising .Some stationery manufacturers just pay attention to the use and it is no longer get the welcome of people,Personality and environmental protection concept are getting popular and there are the broad office stationery market.


The receive series stationery sell well like folder file and file packet

There are the investigation shows that the receive series stationery such as folder file or file packet are about 30% of the total sales of office stationery.It is the  top position.And the office paper and the books are in the next accounted for 24.6%.The pen and the correction product are about 18.1% in the total amount.Financial stationery demand are always in the steady.

Stationery folder,file cover,office paper and the writing instrument are the necessary stationery in the office or classroom.So that it is difficult to shake they mainly position in the stationery product.The sales and the production is the popular in the office stationery market so far.And most of the financial products are useing with other stationery.And the their time also longer than other stationery.So that they market share will not be change.

The declining price

The investigation shows that:there are the rising of the file folder and the file packet,and there si the certain depreciation and update in the such office stationery,the stationery price just slightly raised based on original.

The rapid increasing in the stationery industry.With the developing market and the market regulation.Stationery reduce price is become the demand of market.The consumers should be rational to see the  price fluctuations in the stationery market.

Suitable is the core issue to choose stationery.A set of suitable is the best office stationery.So that the price just one of reasons for the choose.

 Humanized and fashion design.

First of all,office stationery should showing the individual.There are the serious copy in the domestic stationery market.However,in the new century,the office worket needs some office stationery appear more fashion,humanized and individual.The designers should take such psychological feature and create the fashion stationery product like Lepusheng.There are some of office correction tape use the bright colour,and the stationery product has the timely feature,fashion and sample.

Secondly, to advocate green concept.Stationery environmetal problems is getting one of important factor for the people to choose.The enterprise should to expand the stationery market basis on the environmental protection demand.

The third,We should pay more attention to the after sales service.There are lots of service will happen in the after sales.To get a good reputation in the after-sales service will improve the competition in the market.

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