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Office stationery enterprises aim at creative consumption

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-01-31

Creative stationery has became more and more popular in the statonery market or stationery exhibition.For example ,there is a book look like a box.It is attract a lot of people.It is give a signal to the market,the creation era has arrived in office supplies.

According to the creative industries project report in Britain,the total value of creative industry is about 112.5 billion pounds and take 5% in GDP.Its contribution to GDP is over any manufacturing.At the same time,creative economy has become the core of the knowledge economy. The stationery industry is play pay to the creation as well as global consumption.With the development of the stationery industry,the creation and uniqueness of the product have already higher then other for consumers.

The comptition of office supplies was happyen on the factories before 2008.The affordable and firmly brand taked most of marke.However,there are the higher request of office supplies in appear and design.And the brand competition also turn into the design rooms from facotries.Novel and practical products will be more welcomed by consumers.If the office stationery can be described as "factory" in the past, so now is the "design era".

Creative industry including R&D,architectural design, culture and art, consulting planning and several categories.Whatever creative proudct,marketing and service,it is formed the seative economy.
There are more and more stationery enterprises aim at the development of creative office supplies,as well as the copy cat.How to effectively avoid fake products is need stationery manufacturers to improve the brand influence and product intellectual property rights awareness.

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