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Quality consumption:stationery competition towards to quality revolution

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-09-25


         From the change of the stationery market in recent years, we can see the demand of consumer is constantly changing, especially the group of after 90 and 00 have gradually replace the parents can do for them, so they become the main force of the consumption of cultural goods, the entire stationery market towards to the tendency of younger, the more fashionable and more personalized.So that the stationery market no longer stay in pure price competition but gradually to the competition of quality and individuation .



          As the improving living standard of the consumers ,the development of the commodity market and the diversified promotions as well as the impact of the foreign concept of consumer culture and so on,the traditional concept of consumers in China has a great transformation.Along with the transition of the values of new generation , more and more consumer consciousness has been enhanced, No matter in work, study or in life they always play the role of "personality",and they eager to pursue the value of itself "unique" in the work and life, so that the quality type consumption idea appears.


            For a long time, there is always the fake counterfeit goods ,serious homogeneity product and no manufacturers guarantee in the stationery market,  due to the low barriers to entry, part of the quality of the stationery products can not  be assured, also there are a lot of fake brand.In order to reduce the consumption risk, many consumer begin to look for the industry brand.So we can say that China has get into the era of brand to win, for the final definition of brand is the quality assurance of products and the service assurance, etc.


           At the same time, consumers are increasingly pay more importance to the convenience and effectiveness.The development of science and technology not only improve the quality of the items at the same time but also accelerated the pace and the efficiency of life.For the pursuit of fashionable sense and times feeling, consumer is always full of curiosity of the latest stationery products. In the competition of the stationery stores, not only should have quality guarantee, but also should pay attention to provide the more convenient way of consumption to the consumers, this is why more and more stationery manufacturers try the networking sales, to provide consumers with more quickly,convenient and with quality of consumption patterns.


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