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Way to purchase stationery:the advantage of traditional and online wholesale

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-09-04


There are the different problems in stationery purchase,it is became one of profound knowledge. What kind of purchase will be better?Of traditional stationery wholesale or developing online wholesales?The following will compare these two approaches.Stationery shopkeeper can choose the best way according own actral situation.
1.Advantage of costs
Analysis from the perpective of cost,it can save 2 and 3 days online purchase.And save the the costs of back,accommodation and logistics.And stationery shopkeeper can pay more attention to other things instead of journey.
2.Advantage of choose
It is limite by the time to choose in stationery wholesales market.There are some stationery supplies should be purchased as soon as possible in short time.But you can choose online in slowly.To choose in traditional channel is depand on the own vision and recommendation,or the feedback of consumers.By contrast, there are more ways in online shopping.There are the borad and timely feedback from customers.
3.Advantage of quantity
It is basically in small amount purchase on the internet.But it is necessary to choose some logistics with good prestige,high speed.It also should be attention to the package of products.And there is always have the requirement of quantity for office supplies wholesales.It is limited by the quantity of selectivity.But the colour or material can't feel through the Internet.
4.Transparency wholesale price
There is the clear price in the officially stationery wholesale website.Compared with the traditional channel,it is need not to bargain.The transparent price is work for choose.The traditional puchase need to take more time to repatriate funds and it don't need in online purchase.
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