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Original design is the weak part for China stationery manufacturing

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-09-09


In fact, prouction level of China stationery is same as world standard, but there is the gap between design.And the price is lower than 5-6 times and wihouth own brand,most of them are do the OEM stationery production.So that the original design is become the weak part for China's stationery industry sustainable development.
The core competitiveness of stationery enterprise is reasarch and development.The model of some international well-known stationery brand is show like dumbbell.The middle is production.But the model of most of China stationery factories is show like rugby.There is large production in China,but lack of design and marketing.This not only the realistic portrayal but also the gap between national stationery brand and foreign brands.
National stationery brand want enter into international level.The short of design should be make up.The stationery which "Made in China" should to realize the e transformation and upgrading of products,avoid the trouble of anti-dumping if want to ranking top stationery world powers.Push the development of science and technology progress,the weak part of design should be make up.
After found in the market, the importing stationery always with new design and close to the conumer use habit.And many domestic proudct look like same in domestic.So that many stationery consumer thought that lacking design and creative is the main defects of stationery products.
It is not perfect in doemstic creation,design and the research and development technology.Give up the brand and design, to do the OEM production with low price.It will make the whole industry stalled.The production of China stationery is enough but lack of design and research.Stationery supplers should know that the advantage of production is getting weak, design is play a important role.So that,China stationery should improve the innovation and design.
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