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Four word for stationery sales: honesty,atmosphere,interest,affordable

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-06-05

Every stationery brand maker will word hard to pick the cake of student stationery in sales season.However,there is always not a happy ending.The brand activities always lack of creation or reduce the price too low.It not only caused the consumer could't by stationery but also give the bad name to the brand.To do the promotion or not,and how about hte effect,this a series of problems are not a accurate answer.

So,how to do well in the stationery sales promotion and how to gain the happy ending?Lepusheng stationery (www.lepusheng.com) thinks that there are four word:honesty,atmosphere,interest,affordable:

To so-called honesty is be honesty in business.There are the send-gift in the promotion or the price disount or free delivery.Various kind of activities is normal for the consumers.Most of them think that there's no such thing as a free lunch.No matter send the gift,reduce price or free delivery,all just for promotion.They can get the benefit but refuse pay it.In addition,the promotion always will give the strong boost sales feel.So,how to let the consumer eliminate the psychological barrier and feel interesting in the promotion.It is the question for stationery companies.

It is needs a atmosphere to break through the consumer's psychological barrier and attract they eyes.So how to fully use the atmosphere in promotion?Stationery enterprise should do many word before they do the stationery promotion through posters,magazine,Internet or other media.To spread out the activity maximum and make more people know the promotion.

To make the asmosphere is not enough,promotion activities should be funny.Consumption will let the people feel happy and pleasant.It will be bettere if display in the promotion.For example, some enterprise will make the interaction with consumers through twitter or facebook.

The last word is affordable.It needs affordable in promotion in order to sell the most stationery in short time.But the benefits should be in reasonable.The excellent promotion should be close to the sales.Only that can gain the purpose of sales promotion.

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