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Infromation from 113th Canton fair:trade barriers accelerated foreign trade transformation

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-05-08

China import and export fair (Canton fair) was regarded as an indicator of China foreign trade.Structural adjustment of China foreign trade has got some obvious development in recent years.But with the several change of the international economic environment.It was made China into the trouble.From the 113th Canton fair,although there was increased in the exhibitors,the stationery manufacturing advantage of "Made in China" is no longer for foreign trader.

The current running situation of China foreign trade is good.But export still faces various difficulties and uncertainties.It including the problems at home and abroad,long-term and short-term contradictions.And it is hard to keep the steady development.Obviously,The foreign trade barriers of China stationery export is getting more and more fierce.

Found in the 113th Canton fair, many enterprises has a right attitude to the market competition.And they also could seen the changing under the bad suitation of stationery foregin trade.

Change 1:Companies are no longer waiting blindly,the differentiation management is obvious

There were the more complained for the foreign environment and policy since long time ago for the small and medium-sized enterprise,they are also afraid of the fierce competition in market especially for the industry reshuffle.At this Canton fair,most of enterprises were made the positive adjustment in the technology and service.To took the independent brand strategy and the differentiation competition strategy then to get more profits.

Lepusheng also thinks that the export of China stationery are in the fierce competitive ,and there are the overcapacity of  low-end products and procduction,it is apearing the pattern of "small,scattered and disorderly"The domestics parts plant are facing the more and more pressure as the trade barriers becoming more and more serious.Lepushng stationery also start from the low-end market at past.And now getting the high-end markdet.On the other hand,it is a necessary requirement for the enterpsies to seek its own development.Because the creative products should be more profitable and it can keep the long-term development for the company.

Change 2: Exhibitors oppose low price competition and have the clear aware for the bad consequences

Low price is one of the main competitive advantages for the China stationery product.China is the largest stationery production and export in the world.A lot of stationery only can be found in China with the lower price than other.

However, the low price of the low and mid-range stationery products were cuased by the vicious competition.There are so many enterpries in China stationery industry.And most of them are do and export the low-end products.Lacking improve the quality and competition with the lower price,to reduce the average price in stationery market.It is make China bared the bad name of the dumping.It should be forbidden.

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