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Necessary to expand emerging market in stationery exports

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-09-05


The statistics of Guangdong branch of customs showed that there is the obvious fluctuations in the traditional labor-intensive products in the first half of year.Stationery manufacturing is showing growth trend.The foreign trade index report from Alibaba showed that foreign order is back in frist half of years.But because of the international econmice situation is complicated and the volatile of foreign order.It is receive order less  6.5% increase in May than last month.
"We can gain some order but the proudction cost is too high in Guangdong.So that a lot of orders are hard to earn money or even losses". A lot of stationery manufactures said that.There are some orders but because of weak consumption level in foreign,so that there is only a little profits.
The profits of many stationery suppliers are decline than normal  in this years.It is due to the sales of proudcts.There is a lot of inventory in current enterprise.The increased of inventory and the increased costs made enterprise development in hard.And the supply from government is not enough.
According to the report, the exporting value of traditional commodity such as clothing and stationery products.Mainly impact is frm the traditional export markets.More obviously,there is the negative growth in EU exports for stationery.The slow growth also makes the enterprise feel more and more difficult in business.
In Guangdong, relevant experts also recommend local export enterprises can more actively to find new market development. Data show that the main export market of Guangdong are the United States, the European Union and Southeast Asia.The emerging markets should be the next market for Guangdong.
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