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Present situation and the dilemma in stationery industry

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-08-03


           Stationery industry develops the most rapidly and the most perfect one in light industry in our country.But in front of the huge consumption and potential there are many problems,  it summarized into five words: large and small, high, low and strong according to the present situation of the industry and development dilemma.



           One,large consumption power


           Customers of stationery industry are mainly enterprises rather than individuals, and new business increased each year,and so as the buying power, in 2005 the industry sales income is 150 billion yuan of above.And the average annual growth rate is 12% in recent five years, the next 10 years the average annual growth rate will be 5%,it is benefit for national policy intervention, and the government tender to include stationery and office equipment products, 180 million students and tens of millions of home office began to set sail.


            Two,small enterprise scale


            The scale of stationery retail company is generally small(stores does not exceed more than 60).Sales of stationery retail company are small (not more than 500 million yuan), the area is small (not more than 3000 square meters) the circulation is highly fragmented.Stationery enterprise also face with the similar problem,those enterprises which with an annual output of more than 1 billion are few.China has not appeared nationwide stationery retail enterprise, industry competition is intense and strong regional.   


            Three, low barriers to entry


            Because of high technical maturity and long product life cycle, the raw material is relatively easy, equipment, manufacturing technology, low degree of product standardization.Stationery production has low barriers to entry in the industry, enterprises and risk investment institutions have a certain degree of investment value of the stationery industry, the sum of the top 10 stationery retail enterprises is less than 10% of the country's market share.Integration of industry concentration degree is low, there is opportunity, personnel quality is low, low retail money demand, product technology content is low.More than 70% of the competition is mainly concentrated in ordinary stationery products, excess capacity of low-end products shops, a lot of unfair competition in the market, efficiency is low all over the industry.


           Four, high competition threshold


          From the size of production and circulation of enterprises,we can see that the competitive threshold is too high, many enterprises can't form their own core competitiveness in the market, and not like a lot of people say.Threshold is low, the so-called low just barriers to entry, and it is not easy to be strong in this industry, by saying it is "water" in this field is deep.Investment of large retail stores (supermarkets)  is higher, the talent requirements is strict, system management is normative, so it is relatively high to entry, special products such as paper, their capital, technology, talented person's demand is quite high, while the existing market monopoly are a few large enterprises, including the new DoubleA and established enterprise APP into the mainland, UPM and APRIL etc.High threshold of competition in addition to the demand for money and talent, another reason is that there is still no good profit model in the industry so far.Industry substitution threat is high, most companies do not operate well, and do not have enough competitiveness, and outside the industry (domestic and foreign),the industry capital is abundant, the buyer and capital operation institutions are ready to enter the industry at any moment.


            Five, strong producers and consumers


            Most stationery production enterprises in China has a long history, no matter in the profits, capital or talent pool ,they need a lot on the circulation.While China's stationery retail industry is a highly fragmented industry, unable to form a powerful purchasing, manufacturers strength is relatively strong.Due to the development of market economy, many enterprises in the increasingly fierce competition, the cost is that they are more concerned about in the field, in recent years, the big customer has higher sensitivity of the price, and, with the popularity of direct marketing way, consumers have a strong bargaining chip.


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