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Brand became the developing new power for China stationery manufacturing

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-07-13

In recent years,China has talked a lot of industrial upgrading or enterprise transformation. But how to turn?How to try the different explore?We can find that the profits of cultural products will be lower and lower.The international market is shrinking,and the worker's wages and raw materials is rising in China.Only do the OEM production is not enough.So how to do?The best way is to create the own stationery brand.

Take the view to the industrial smile curve theory,top is the one making most monery,they do the research and development and with patents.And the anthere one is the bottom of brand.This two ending is the  part can make most monery.And middle part  may be squeezed a lot in profits.Now,China stationery enterpsies is going to the industrial upgrading.

Stationery enterprise may be thinking either go up or go down.There is not anthere way in middle.Under the such case,brand strategy is shows the important to the enterprise.A high qulity brand always have the strong force and transmissibility.It is make the consumers to pay 10 yuan in products but 90 yuan for its brand.And to gain the full trust from consumers.

Why said that brand is the new power element of the development of China stationery enterprise?What is the means of brand strantergy for China enterprises?Brand strantergy is become one of sustainable and high quality power growth in the future during transformation and upgrading of stationery manufacturers in China.

In the future, especially the enterpise which directly to contant with consumers or want to into the foreign markets.Brand strantergy is the way for developing.Such as there is the big different in the field of traditional stationery.China has puted more attention to the brand at present.For example,Lepusheng company has known that the brand is so important.So that we  constantly think about the value of competition.It is get away the trouble through improve the design and development of high-end power.To set up the core influence of brand.And leading in the stationery supplies.

In the past 30 years, rapid development of China enterprise is the appearance of the growth of economy.Take the view to brand strategy,China enterprise has been to the brand consciousness awakening period.Chinese government has put forward the growth mode of economy during the  "twelfth five-year" plan.So that,China stationery manufacturer is changing from the manufacturing to creation.And the created in China is the most important part.

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