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Big trouble hidden the repaid developing stationery industry

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-04-15

There is the rapid developing in the stationery industry at home and abroad.But hidden the rapid development,China office supplies has lack of the core techonlogy,innoavation and disorganised in market.And the specific performance as follows:

One,In the terms of poruction value,the current core technology of industrial development is depand on the import and the high costs also become the a stumbling block in the office supplies to the further development.Lacking the core technology has restricts the development of this industry.And the solwly development of technology also bad for the cost control of industry upsteam.

Two,The level,there is the certain gaps between the China and international.Most of developed countries and developing countries are improve the technology o environmental protection products and the industry development.

Three,blind investment and lacking core technology made mixed in China stationery market.The unstable quality also is the common problems for the stationery manufacturers.There are many low quality stationery product in the current market.And the structure of industry is not stable.

Four,With the international companies enter into the China market,the domestic enterprise with a range of core competitiveness are face the large risk.And some enterprise without competitiveness will be eliminate.And the China stationery brand will make the "drawer" for the foreign stationery brand in future if can not manage the market.

There are so many trouble and problems in the industry,how can we solve?To strengthen the leading planning of the local stationery industry,issure the national industry standards as soon as possible.Improve the health and rapid development.And the large enterprise will attract more and more fund to the R&D through financing in the market.with expand in the China market and the international of the new stationery product.The costs of stationery sales will also get the further control.

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