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China stationery shoud do well in export position

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-06-02

In recent years, a batch of domestic independent brand enterprise studying the market, and they are committed to open the international market and achieved the preliminary results.Especially for the big domestic stationery brand enterprise,they dedicated to towards to the leading of international market.And want become the office supplier in the International market.

However,current China stationery is needs greater efforts than to get the  steady development.Because we are face with the powerhouse of the world.So that domestic stationery enterprises should actively research the internation market,enhance advantage and avoid disadvantage and make clear your classification and positioning.

It is needs to study the internationl market actively if stationery enterprise wants come to the internation market.To make clear the current market inluding Europe and the United States market.There are many different require in the market including grade,variety,prifce and consumpetion cultural and so on.It is hard to open the market if lock of the understanding.Of course,there are also the other reason not about qulity but as well as improtant.For example,The southeat Asia country in stationery line,there are the different consumption hibits and demand.It  is worthe careful study.
There is the more intense competition in southease Asia stationery market.The local is inceasing the stationery production such as Vietnam.As its price advantage and the local condition,It is hard to expent the southeas Asia market.

At present,China suitation just like there is a wolf in the front and the tiger in the back.We have to get the long-term thinking for stationery industry.And fully and seriously study the division of labour and the chassification of the international market.To make sure the own position in the international market and the development goal.To improving our product upgrade and the level of technology and product innovation.To getting to the high-grade market and keep a certain distance with followers as soon as possible.

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