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What are the barriers in the development of stationery industry

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-07-21


          Now most of stationery manufacturers in our country are engaged in simple OEM, it's simple processing and OEM production,so the threshold is not too high.But to the brand stationery manufacturers and sales enterprises who are striving for sustainable profitability,high trade barriers still exist ,it usually includes the following several aspects:



          One, large-scale production and quality assurance


          Due to the low threshlod in the production of stationery industry, there are many "3 without" manufacturers participate in it.The large-scale production of stationery industry is based on the long-term accumulation of manufacturing technology and process, at the same time, there are many different kinds of stationery products,it need to continue to adjust the production of products according to the market demand, it requires companies to have a capacity of mature, stable, flexible production, so that it can effectively guarantee the stability of product quality in mass production and reduce the scrap rate.Large-scale production and quality assurance need a lot of practice experience accumulation,technical research and development ability, the time cost is very high, so the new enterprise is difficult to achieve in a short time.


           Two, the construction and management of marketing network


           Marketing network construction is an important means of seizing market and competitive advantage in domestic stationery enterprises.At present,stationery industry in China (especially the students stationery ) the concentration channel of retail terminal is low, basically is given priority to with individual vendors and small micro sales company.So to build and perfect the the wholesale and retail network system which are covering a wide range,logistics information management system of high efficiency and management of information in China market, is required high capital investment,difficult maintaining and strict managing personnel quality.At the same time, after years of market competition, marketing network for stationery peripheral, population which is concentrated in schools, communities, the main area and prosperous business circle is becoming more and more difficult to scale.New enterprise is very difficult to establish a mature marketing network in a short time.


          Three, brand awareness


          Brand awareness is one of the core competitiveness which can maintain long-term development of brand stationery company.Stationery enterprise which can focus on brand will be able to gradually establish a stable, high loyalty of customers, the way of competition in stationery industry has changed from single price competition to the technology, management,quality, culture and so on.If there is no brand awareness in the enterprises and their products, then it is difficult to keep their feet in the competition, while to build a brand is not happen overnight.According to the experience of estblishing brand from the famous stationery brands at home and abroad, the establishment of a brand is a long-term process of accumulation and precipitation, it based on the consumer experience, years of brand management of enterprises, less is more than ten years, many decades, hundreds of years.It is a high barriers for new entrants to build a influential and popular brand image.


          Four, continuous innovation in product design, technology of research and development


         Continuous innovation in product design can further enhance the image of product in the consumers' mind, further enhance brand awareness, this requires a stationery enterprises should close to the consciousness of domestic consumers and strong ability to capture the hot spots in the market .In addition, stationery companies who want to stay ahead of the market must establish continuous technology research and development advantages in new products, new technology, new materials, etc,and this also need long -term and rich reserves,professional talent team to support the continuous innovation of the products in production technologies, processes and materials, etc.


           Five,management capabilities of  fast supply chain


           Stationery market need to launch a large number of new products,be able to effectively manage new product design,raw materials procurement, production, shop goods,and accurately predict trend, measuring the output of new products, goofy control of raw materials and finished goods inventory in every year based on the demand of the market.Therefore, the leading companies in the stationery market need to have fast supply chain management capabilities.


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