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Stationery business: to adjust according to the different period of time

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-07-10


         The summer vacation is coming, a lot of stationery stores will start to be  worried. Stationery business growing light when the vocation coming.If there is a "peak period" in stationery management , then there must be a "slack season".A good businessman, not just staring at the business of peak season, in fact, a lot of business opportunities are hidden in the "slack season", so the owners of stationery stores should adjust the store according to the different period of time.



          If the consumer groups are students, unavoidably it will bring different impact because of the transform of the term, it can bring the economy in the beginning of the new while less opportunities in the winter and the summer vocation.So how to adjust to adapt to this change.Here are a few tips to share:


         1. In general, September is the best period for selling  students stationery, while there is less opportunities after winter vacation.So during the period of school ,you'd better be ready for shipment.But is opposite before and after the holiday.


         2. To the segmentation, stationery of art will have a good sales.Because the summer vacation is long , many students will attend the training session,while the winter vacation is short, there will be less training session.Apart from the college entrance examination there are also many artistic exams, so this kind of stationery is needed ,too, so businessmen can adjust appropriately;


         3. In most cases, it is almost the same between the stationery of first half year and the the next half year,because they both have two semesters, but the stationery sells better in the second half year  than the first half year.


         4. If you are doing stationery business,there is less effect at the end of the semester, but in general, the volume in the second half year will be bigger.


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