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Difference between internal and external marketing

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2015-01-11


         Those who have a certain understanding of stationery industry must know that most of the stationery manufacturer are related to foreign trade , even in the stationery industry ,there are many foreigin trade export stationery manufacturers which mainly work in the foreigin trade part.While the disadvantage of domestic market is the common fault that make foreign trade enterprises to divert , because the service requirements of the order of foreign trade are much more different from the domestic sales.


          Export enterprises are facing  the consumer groups abroad, while domestic enterprises are facing the domestic consumer groups. There are huge differences between these two kinds of consumers in the consumer concept and  lifestyle.It let products style and design different ,too.


          Difference one : process is simple.To do foreign trade,it always focus on quality and delivery time,if the quality control reach to the customer's samples ,then it won't  have much problems.And to the delivery date , because of the general design requirements is unitary,and the quantity is large,so that it is easier for production arrangement, processing is convenient , then it is easy to  ensure to delivery on time .The  service link is less to complete the whole process of foreign trade,  and also has less difficulty .So that  only if the factory is managed well,then everything will be OK.This is the reason why so many outdoor stationery manufacturer like foreign trade order and  exclude domestic orders.


          Difference  two: network channels.Stationery exports always in the mode of OEM for a long time , but in fact just simply earn the processing fees, and just simple business relationship with customers, and no need to bother  the channel, the terminal and the market , so that leads to many foreign trade enterprises never set up the consciousness and experience of the channel .


          Difference three: the product innovation.OEM production pattern makes most of the stationery manufacturers produce products  according to the design from overseas, hoever ,we know that it is not welcomed by the domestic customers when using the design from abroad ,in order to  keep winning, the products must have a certain innovation to attract customers attention, especially in the competitive stationery market.


         Difference four: brand marketing.OEM makes  many small and medium-sized stationery manufacturer spending little effort on brand building, they don't have independent intellectual property rights, don't not have their own brand, and lots of aspects such as the connotation of product brand , the core value ,price, packaging, brand culture and other related elements are always in a blank state .While in order to occupy the domestic market, we need to be interested  in distributors, and those who want to obtain high profit products should ultimately affect the end consumer, so that the  unique brand mark becomes very important.


         Although the domestic stationery market has great potential market at present,  but the competition in domestic market  scared  many stationery  manufacturers off it .Except from the bad environment of international economic at present  ,and the sharp fall of export business profitability ,then may be many stationery manufacturer will not willing to taste this tempting cake in the domestic market.So it is necessary to recognize the difference between internal and external marketing and adjust measures to local conditions to set up channels.


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