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Key points to save on office supplies

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-09-18


Office supplies is a common tool for office workers or students.Purchasing office supplies is a major expense for business of office or home.But the huge overhead of office stationery also will increase the cost of company.Now, Lepusheng stationery show you a key points to save on office supplies:
Group purchase
Group purchase ont only can save money but also can enjoy low price if shopping online.It also can save the time and free ship.
Comparison shop
Not matter you puchas on online or offline,comparison shop before you purchas any office supplies.There is the different price in each shops.In some cases, competitors will offer you a lower price if you quote another vendor's cost.
Reuse and Recycle
The package of stationery can be recycled such as the paper and metal scrap of stationery. The data showed that the recycling paper in the office can save you thousands of dollars a year.The infromation doesn't really matter can be printed on the back of a fax cover sheet or another draft document.
Make clear number of plastic stationery 
To make clear number of plastic matal because most of student stationery or office stationery are made of plastic.The number of matel can helpful us to processing facilitate.
Change fonts and printer settings
It can save monery on ink if you use the small fonts.Or change your printer settings to print in draft mode.Such small changes to your office environment can save money and wastage for your office stationery.
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