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Lepusheng science: the effective method to correct posture of holding pen

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-05-27


           Recent years, as parents concerned about their children's education,stationery consumption affect  the main concept of  the students and parents .Aiming at this phenomenon, more and more stationery manufacturers began to think more of them, and design some stationery products that loved by them.To attract the attention of parents, only new unique and creative thinking is not enough, for adults, those stationery in  pragmatism is an eternal theme.


          There are many novelty pen straightening machine in the current market, they have different prices, forms.Pen straightening machine can correct bad posture,they are the "killer"of  the parents who are concerned about children education.In fact, there are a variety of  reasons that cause the wrong pen of their children.Maybe there is a plenty of congenital bad development,or visual motor coordination ability is poor;Some are associated with the teaching of teachers and parents.Once children writing with a pen when the growth of their hand muscle is not perfect ,or once the parents and teachers do not pay attention to the cultivation of the correct posture to hold a pen, and maybe due to the psychological needs of utilitarianism,they force their child to finish homework for a long time to write,so that it will be easy to form the wrong position to hold a pen. To rectify the child's wrong posture to hold a pen, there are lots of pen straightening machine in the market, regardless of their effect,but in fact,to correct posture of holding a pen, we have summarized some useful methods from the network, it is done with a elastic ring , the following is for your reference:



         Method one:


Step 1: find a elastic ring


Step 2:  make a small circle on the elastic


Step 3: put the pen in the small circle then strain it


Step 4: reach the four fingers except the thumb inside the circle


Step 5: hold hands, to do the right posture of holding pen



         Method two:


Step 1:make the elastic ring into shape of "eight"


Step 2:put the shape of "eight" together into two circles


Step 3: trap a pen into the elastic ring


Step 4: hold one of the circles and put it tight


Step 5: four fingers put  into the circle till to the palm


Step 6: holding hands and do the right  posture of holding a pen




        Method three:


Step 1: put the elastic ring on the four fingers of right hand (except the thumb)


Step 2: put a pen into the palm  from the top


Step 3: by wrapping elastic two loops with the pen


Step 4: holding hands and do the right  posture of holding a pen




         Method four:


Step 1: put the elastic rang into the thumb, forefinger and the middle finger on the roots


Step 2: insert the top of the pencil down from upper elastic rang, after stretching out ,it just stay on the root


Step 3: press the top of the pen with180 degrees


Step 4: hold the pen in a correct posture


        The above methods are all fix the pen with a elastic circle, it not only can help children deal with the problem of holding pen ,but also help children master the correct posture more quickly,give it a try.but don't write in a long time.In this correct way,the children probably will gradually get into the habit in 21 days, then you can gradually remove the elastic circle.


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