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Dislsis new demand of stationery market on three focus

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-11-18

Stationery industry was form in the 80's and 90's.Whit the reform and opening,the domestic stationery consumption was changed a lot.Stationery industry has been in constant development,and now what is the main factor of change? In recent years, the most attention factor by stationery manufacturers, distributors and parents of students can be summarized as following three points:


Point I:Product pattern


In the age of more respected in the individuation.The special product has been more and more welcome.Visit the stationery shop,there are no only various kind of stationery,but also many different pattern in the products.And a number of creative stationery like  food erase,capsule ball-point pen, Iphone type correction tape and so on.Those creative and personality products show that  not enough to meet the ruquire of use.The main factor to attract students is the unique product.It also reason why more an more stationery shop sell the special brand stationery to suit the student market.


Point II, Higher price


In recent years, stationery's function and patternis more and more complete, and at the same time, the price also higer and higer.According to statistics that the price of pencil, exercise books, ball pens, office paper, folders and other office supplies prices are highter than last years by 10%-20%.Visit the stationery shop, it is easy to find that the the price of ball pen and sign pen have rost to 2~3 yuan.And only a few kinds of ball pen below two yuan, pen is on the  over 5 yuan to 500 yuan inequality. The rising high cost ,growing of the labor costs and the increasing stationery desigh fee are show  the high cost production time is coming.It also the mainly reason caused the rising price of office supplies.And it is the inevitable trend of statinoery development Stationery manufacturers should to improve the science and technology of stationery products in the future high cost age.


Point III:Health problems

Low carbon environmental protection being more an more welcome to the people.And also being more and more important in the stationery industry,environmental protection stationery was became a big selling point in the industry and can bring a large profits for the statinoery manufacturers.As the report, the price of environmental protection stationery in England is higher by 1.5 time than in HongKong.In recent years, the environmental protection consciousness getting deep.especially in the young people who living in the family with more care from parents.


From all above points,Lepusheng think that the increasing stationery style is good for the children to raise they interesting and help open they mind .Stationery factory introduce the offfice supplies bettle than bettle also what the custmer look forward.But the  practical and health always be the first factor.The price is rising as well as the raw material,however it is bad new for the stationery factory.Stationery prices also should be controlled in a certain range. Open the mind and produce to suit for the market are the best ways to upgrade the stationery industry for the stationery manufacters.


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