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Great problem in the development of stationery brand in second or third line

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-03-25

Comparison to the first line brand,the second and third line brand are in the lost in the profit and brand.Comparison to the low-end brand,it is also lost in the sales and price.At present,the second and thrid line brand in domestic office supplies are hard to expend the terminal market.The secound and third line brand want to catch up with the first,they need to face their problems and make the effective change.

Low in market coverage

It is the common features of the second and third line brand.Due to the low market converage,the weak sales scale,so that the canvass business orders is to be the most important work for them.But,becaused lack of the branding influence and the successful regional market.It is difficult to attract the distributors.Therefore,it made they diffcult in the canvass business and fell into the cycle of low survival.

Lacking investment in market

Due to the small scale of the secound and third line brand.The available invest is not as well as the first line brand.And because lack of the reasonable used,the reasource could't assigned to the various regional markets .And it is diffcults to build the regional advantages.

The fuzzy strategic planning

Most of sthationery manufacturers have a goal but without plan,the typical example is "XX performance in three years, five years performance over  XX,and keep the leading of industry".Althrough there is the clear goal,there is lack of the target decomposition and the system of the goals measure.When it comes to marketing implementation, how to expand the channels,how to do the branding popularize,and get around with the team.It all needs be planned.

Support the weak system

In the second and third stationery brand.A people do in the more position is commonly such as the production manager is the R&D manager,marketing manager is the marketing manager,regional manager is the investment manager.And it cuased the all support system is very weak.There are so much  frequent problems such as  the stationery enterprise lacking the standardized management,without the system planning,the disunity samply in terminal market,weaking in the training system and hasn't the direction of the marketing.These problems are hit the confidence of the marketer and the businessmen.

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