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Environmental stationery products" become the main current

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-08-10


           China is a formal state, in thousands of years of history,there are so many words about gifts.Thus, gift is very important in the process of contact  with each other.In the gift industry in recent years, many consumers to send "environmental products" to express their feelings.Gifts as contact emotional tie,maybe on behalf of the family, love, or to be the bearer on business etiquette also permeates the different relations between people.The work pressure of modern people is big, and there are more and more people in sub-health state, so people always choose healthy products as gifts, and even it is changed from milk powder and nutrient solution to health products when they send gift to their parents.



            The trend of sendig environmental stationery also affect the office stationery products.Many consumers send stationery as a gift for good learning progress.Now there are many customers just choose environmental stationery products directly, it is not only environmental protection but also has a good meaning.According to the statistics, 77% of americans said that the enterprise of "environmental" image will stimulate their desire;94% of italians, said they will choose and buy environmental goods.And a survey of our county shows that 53% of respondents think the price of environmental protection products is a little bit higher, but there are still more than 71% of respondents said they would spend 10% of the money to buy environmental products.Environmental protection products is quite popular with the market.


           As consumerS' demand for environmental protection is becoming more and more high, whether the product is environmental protection, performance is good or not, whether they contain toxic substances and so on, therefore, from the choice of product components, we should be more to the direction of healthy environmental protection, environmental protection is a trend.Compared with the traditional stationery, stationery environmental is popular for its safety,health. Environmental protection gift stationery has higher requirements on condition of production and technology,and it have relatively high quality on the production materials and production technology, so that high-quality products are more popular among young parents.The appearance also should accord with the aesthetic requirement of the consumer.


           If it is worthy, then parents  will naturally pay for it, for most young parents after 80, the child's safety and health problems is very important, the appearance of gift stationery also determines the level of children's favorite, so some safe material ,beautiful appearance are more welcome, moreover,nowadays, the students' thinking is active, novelty and accept new things quickly, and they use high frequency of stationery, generally they will pursuit the latest style and the best quality.Therefore, gift stationery is naturally become the favourite of the new generation.


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