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Statioenry industry should plan ahead to avoid the PR crisis

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-04-21


         The event of "See you Monday"  happened recently, the crisis makes a part of the  PR teams confused.While for the stationery industry,this public relations crisis also exists.Especially in the Internet age, many merchant  are  involved in electronic commerce more or less , it would be easier to let them involve in the crisis .As the  improving standard of students stationery and the care of consumer  to the products' safty and quality, the stationery manufacturers should  plan ahead and prepare for  the crisis.




        To produce quality products to avoid crisis


        As hot words in the network saying "do not things will not die, to the manufacturers, in strict accordance with national production is an important premise to ensure products' quality, and also the the effective method to avoid crisis.Due to lower the threshold of the stationery industry, there are many stationery  products which is the so called " 3 withoutin" in this industry,and finally it will make a lot of  disputes.Quality is the the key to winning , in the  environment  of competition ,numbers of manufacturers take improving the quality of stationery products as the goal ,and it is very important to assure the quality .Especially for the more attention of  parents  to the safty and the quality of student stationery,if the stationery manufacturer cannot hold assure the  quality , that means they are burning  their way.


        Positive response to the public relations crisis


       If necessary, when the true public relations crisis happened , the most important way is not escape from it, but  quickly open it in  no reservations, there is no doubt that instead of letting the public , we should open it to avoid  the coming hot wind of suspicion , especially can effectively stop the "bombardment" of the  media.In front of the "bad news", the enterprise should take the responsibility for it , and don't shirk.In addition, in the face of the "scandal" ,we should do something, if  the product is unqualified  by inspection , manufacturers of production should take some corresponding measures to improve standards and implement it , since the apology is accepted,that means that the arrival of a second chance, this will make the repair process into the third opportunity of  theory .


        To establish the plan of  crisis prevention 


        To nip in the bud, to establish the plan of  crisis prevention ,it is  better to plan ahead than making effort at the last moment  .Plan your work is not only to ensure the quality of the product production, to set of  plan to prevent  the crisis is the "bible" of  response  timely to  special event .Reasonable regulations for each external declaration, will not make enterprises  lost concentration at moments of crisis.


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