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Channels of e-commerce have expanded rapidly then stationery companies rush for it

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-10-11


         The development of the Internet brings great business opportunities for the traditional industry, from the integration of marketing to the transformation of the brand,it shows the Internet marketing force to the traditional industry.The year of 2014 has the milestone significance for distributors especially electric merchants, Chinese Internet companies going public in the news, especially the e-commerce, such as the Tuniu and the Jumei,and also the heavyweight member of the network retailing-jingdong, and represented by ali, jingdong ,the online e-commerce develop rapidly, also brings driving force to the channel change.



          Stationery enterprises will inevitably attracted the impact of the e-commerce power in the developing way, in recent years, stationery enterprises will gradually on track of e-commerce, more and more stationery enterprises step into it.However, to develop electricity channels is not easy, stationery electricity has entered a rapid development period.Several high-profile traditional stationery brand show the decision that they enter into the field of e-commerce. However,to be real onto the road of e-commerce is not easy.


          At the same time,under the background of the swelling of the e-commerce,the development of stationery industry come out some new changes.From the shopping way, the increase of stationery online shopping is no longer just from PC users increase.According to China Internet network information center released "statistic report of 34 times China Internet network development state" shows that as of June 2014,  Internet equipment of Internet users in China,the mobile phone usage was 83.4%, and the first beyond traditional PC utilization rate (80.9%).


           So for the traditional stationery manufacturers and the distributors, the layout of the mobile phone and other mobile terminal for more user resources is the focus of the next stage.From the cooperation between Jingdong and Tencent, Weichat and QQ,on the basic of O2O,Gome have the O2M pattern that "offline entity shop+online electricity+mobile terminal".And once "fingertip trade" form a kind of trend, then it is he best time for business to use of incentive mechanism.


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