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The phase III of the 112th Canton Fair had been on,stationery manufacturing seek development actively.

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-11-09


The 112th of Canton Fair was hold on 31th,Oct to 4th,Nov in Guangzhou pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. In Phase III ,the theme of clothing,shoes,bags and office supplies all belong to the traditional manufacturing industry.Facing the current weak market and the production cost rise rapidly make the enterprise production face with the serious challenges.


For the labor-intensive industry like stationery manufacture in China.The rise of production cost has been normal situation.The decline in overseas market demand ,RMB exchange rate and other difficult to control variables were make the enterprises in anxious.Many exhibitors complained that the US Dollar in high changing make the Chinese products export competitiveness was weakened.It was been harder for the small and medium enterprise of office supplies.


As the entry is low of stationery so than the production capacity is more than the market demand for the office stationery manufacturer,especially the enterprise of book's production.So, this kind of enterprise was rife with pessimistic in this Canton fair."The atmosphere would make the feeling cold." many foreign trade staff said."We just hope that the situation keeping stable".


And innovative products and brand products have he contrarian growth. During the environment of decline in global economic.the company whit the strong  R&D  ability and rich in innovation ability was on the stable scale in Canton fair.The purchaser also pay more attention to the stationery's brand.


Before the 10th,Sept.the customs has just released  foreign trade situation about August.The report show that import and export value compared to the last year was only rose by 0.2%.The export value is US﹩177.98 billion rising to 2.7% and the import value is US﹩151.31 billion fell 2.6% on year to year.The trade surplus of $26.67 billion.


China's state council  issued steady export "the country's eight" measures recently.It is good for the foreign trade enterprise of stationery."The policy is good for the enterprise,but how to face the declining market demand actively is the most important for the enterprise"Many boss said that.In the fair,numbers of office suppliers display they new design and new products.hoping to get more attention form customers as  the cost advantage was lose.


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