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The average annual growth of Ningbo,Chia stationery city

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-03-27

According to the report, the added value of cultural industry in ningbo is increased from 7.385 billion yuan in 2004 to 29.544 billion yuan in this years.The average annual growth is about  37.51%. With the growing of the stationery industry,the total sales is reached 45 billion yuan last year and take the quintile of China.The stationery export also take third of country.It make the Ningbo become the Chia stationery city.

The reform of cultural system make the Zhejiang province became one of cultural system reform place,and Ningbo also one of trying city .By the end of 2011,there are 15 citys have finish the changing mission.The cultural system reform has improved the public cultural services of the city and the culture of the people.There are more and more iconic cultural facilities in the Ningbo such as the grand theatre, art galleries, concert halls and so on.

In addition, there are many cultural stations in the villages and towns.And more than 95% of administrative villages have the cultural scene,about 2000  village (community) palace.There are many  public cultural activities.Through improve the "1235" engineering to build 10 cultural gathering area,to breed 20 improtant cultural brand and 30 improtant cultural projects and supporting 50 key genral public cultural activities.The cultural indusgry value added has increase from 7.385 billion yuan in 2004 to 29.544 billion yuan in 2011.The average annual growth of 37.51%. During the rapid development of the cultural indusgry,office supplies also has the support and development.

The corresponding development of the stationery industry let more than 3000 stationery companies had a collective name card "China stationery city".It can be see from the customs data :One is the accelerated transformation of the stationery product.It is effective to improve the development of the cooperation model and the Integration of industry resources;Two,the stationery diversified export markets on development;Three,the obvious improtanting quality of stationery supplies.At the same time,office supplies is one of the top 10 manufacturing industry in Ningbo.It is make the key in the high-grade,emphasis on the design and manufacture of new stationery.The local stationery company also push the development and the innovation improve through the regional brand stationery.

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